October 2019 – Gene Therapy Awareness Month

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Gene therapy has undergone transformative enhancements over the last 20 years, with improvements to technologies and advances in the pipeline that aim to invigorate the field in its second generation.


Take a closer look at the major deals driving gene therapy with the latest data and insights from Scrip. Despite the challenges of reimbursement and manufacturing that loom for this area, gene therapy R&D experienced a major uptick in 2018 and 2019 promises more of the same. Examine the gene therapy trends for venture capital investment and IPO financing, keep abreast of the major deals, and learn what the future may hold for investors and companies who are betting that the area will continue to expand and grow.


With the promise of more widespread gene therapy-based cures on the horizon, the industry looks for new ways to pay for these potential one time only treatments, whose costs can run into the millions. Scrip explores this hot-topic issue, which came to the fore at the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, when bluebird bio, Inc. announced a 5-year annual installment payment plan for its gene therapy Lentiglobin. Read the details of the payment proposal’s structure, how other gene therapy players and insurers reacted to it, and what it means for the future of gene therapy, with insights and interviews from Scrip.