Head and Neck Cancer


Worldwide incidence of head and neck cancer (HNC) exceeds 5.5 million people cases annually, and costs associated with these cancers are driven by complex treatment pathways. This detailed report provides comprehensive information and data on HNC.

Full Disease Coverage Report

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Full Disease Coverage
    This meticulously researched report provides in-depth intelligence on HNC including diagnosis, patient segmentation, current treatment options and treatments in development, areas of forecasted growth, coverage of new drugs and treatment combinations, as well as what to expect as we look ahead. Includes full-color charts and tables.

Or Buy as separate elements

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Epidemiology Report
    This report includes disease causes, symptoms, and diagnosis; predictions for diagnosed prevalent cases and growth rates in the US and five EU markets, disease severity, mutations, pathogens and complications, and detailed yearly forecasts for diagnosed prevalent cases of CF through 2035 in children and adults.

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Treatment Report
    Based on primary research in the US, Japan and five major EU markets, this report looks at current treatment types and therapies for each disease stage, first-line and second-line treatments, current standards of care and prescribing trends, and how these could change in the future and why.

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Pipeline Report
    As more treatment options are needed in different patient populations, this report examines the extensive pipeline for new drugs and therapies in early and late pipeline stages, the drugs that have been delayed or discontinued, extensive drug profiles and drug assessment summaries.

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Marketed Drugs
    Key marketed drugs for HNC are covered in this analysis, with up-to-date information and data on each.

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Forecast Report
    Datamonitor Healthcare uses a patient-based approach to size the commercial potential of the SCCHN market across the US, Japan, and five major EU markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK). This analysis contains an assessment of key SCCHN therapies on the market and in the late-phase pipeline, a discussion of SCCHN market dynamics, and a 10-year patient-based sales forecast.