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Hemophilia is a rare genetic disorder characterized by the body’s inability to produce a clot capable of stopping bleeding. Connect to Pharma Intelligence hemophilia reports that include disease forecast and market analysis, pricing, reimbursement, and methodology.

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Hemophilia is a relatively rare hereditary genetic disorder characterized by an inability to produce a clot capable of stopping bleeding. Patients without hemophilia who develop inhibitors against clotting factor VIII or factor IX are diagnosed as having acquired hemophilia A or B, respectively. Another disease associated with blood coagulation dysfunction is von Willebrand disease, which is caused by a deficiency in von Willebrand factor. Although von Willebrand disease is more common than hemophilia, it is relatively less severe.ilia, it is relatively less severe.

Over the last two decades, clinical care of hemophilia has improved significantly, extending the life expectancy for this patient population closer to that of the general population. The emergence of virally inactivated plasma-derived clotting factors and then of recombinant clotting factor replacement therapy in the 1980s has revolutionized care for these patients. However, the field stalled afterwards for some time. The launch of long-acting recombinant factors represented the first meaningful improvements in hemophilia treatment in approximately 20 years.